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Faucet and fixture

How to install a kitchen faucet by our services:

  1. Insert the rubber gasket between the base plate of the faucet and the sink top to create a watertight seal. If no gasket is provided, pack the cavity of the faucet with plumber's putty.

  2. Then insert the faucet body through the holes in the sink top. A hole in the socket accepts the shank of a screwdriver, guiding it as you tighten the nuts.

  3. If you're mounting the faucet on an installed sink. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the connection.

  4. Most pullout sprayer faucets and faucets with separate sprayers come with a counterweight that attaches to the sprayer hose.

  5. This weight helps retract the hose back in to the sink cabinet after you've used the sprayer.

  6. Follow the directions on where to secure the weight, and take care not to  crimp the hose as you attach the weight.

  7. Tighten the nuts with an adjustable wrench.